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 Brookie Harbison

Brookie Harbison, 9th Grade GuidanceResponsibilities:

9th Grade Guidance/Opportunities
Freshman Transition/Orientation
End of Course/Quality Core (Algebra I)
Peer Helper Program
Small groups with focus on freshmen

Email Brookie Harbison
Phone: (205) 685-6730


Traci McGee

Traci McGeeResponsibilities:

11th Grade Guidance/Opportunities
End of Course/ Quality Core (English 10)
Peer Helper Program
Small groups with focus on juniors



Email Traci McGee
Phone: (205) 685-6733




Heather Myles

Heather MylesResponsibilities:

12th Grade Guidance/Opportunities
ACT WorkKeys
Small groups with focus on seniors




Email Heather Myles
Phone: (205) 685-6732


Dr. Ratonya Mosley


10th Grade Guidance/Opportunities
504/Homebound Liasion
Small groups with focus on sophomores



Email Dr. Ratonya Mosley
Phone: (205) 685-6731




Pam Vickers

Pam VickersResponsibilities:

12th Grade Guidance/Opportunities
College & Career Services
College/Military Visits & Recruiters

College Ahead/Early College
NCAA/NAIA Eligibility
Scholarship/Senior Newsletters


Email Pam Vickers
Phone: (205) 685-6734




Each counselor completes the following by grade assignments:

  • Academic/career/personal counseling
  • Referrals
  • Registration/enrollment
  • Scheduling
  • Transcript Checks
  • ELL
  • Individual parent meetings