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SECOND Semester Exam Exemption Policy
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Monday, December 12, 2016

This exemption information is for 2nd semester exams and does not apply to AP exams or any other tests. Students in grades 9-12 may exempt their second semester exam if they meet the qualifications below.

To qualify to exempt an exam for second semester classes, the student shall have:

1. No unexcused absences for the class and

2. Meet the following grade and attendance requirements:

     A. Have an “A” average for the semester and no more than four excused absences in the class, or
     B. At least a “B” average for the semester and no more than three excused absences in the class, or
     C. At least a “C” average for the semester and no more than two excused absences in the class

The attendance qualifications are based on individual class attendance and begin counting January 3, 2017 and conclude the first day of exams.

As an additional incentive, if the overall student body attendance average is 96 percent for January 3 to April 28, students with an ‘A’ average may exempt with unlimited excused absences; students with a ‘B’ average may exempt with four (4) excused absences; and students with a ‘C’ may exempt with three (3) excused absences. Students will be notified if we reach this goal.

As stated in the THS Student Handbook, students will have three (3) days from the day they return to school to turn their excuse(s) into the attendance clerk. If the excuse(s) is not turned in by the 3rd day, the absence will remain unexcused.

Attendance Clarification

School field trips and pre-approved college visits do not count against a student’s attendance for exemption purposes. Field trips include instructional trips organized by teachers for their students, as well as athletes, band members, or other school groups being released early or missing the entire day for competitions or other approved events.

Principal permission for an individual student’s absence should always be pre-arranged but may still count as an excused absence and be included in a student’s total number of excused absences for the semester. The purpose for getting principal permission for an absence is to excuse any absence that may otherwise be unexcused. Exceptions to this include, but are not limited to, situations which involve extreme circumstances, other forms of school business and/or educational opportunities that cannot be coded as excused by other means.

Furthermore, special absences offered to the entire student body, to go support an athletic team or other school group will not count against attendance for exemption purposes.

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